Rachel Nabors
Charity Majors
Naz Delam
Anna J McDougall
Bassem Dghaidi
Swizec Teller

June 15-19, 2024

7am PST / 10am EST / 4pm CET

Event about career growth, leadership

and seniority in tech

  • 2
    Tracks of talks
  • 20+
    Speakers sharing career tips
  • 5K+
    Engineers & tech leads attending

Learn From Experienced Engineers How to Navigate Your Career, Tech Role and The Industry

We gather 20+ knowledgable engineers, from big tech and startups alike, to share their learnings navigating their roles, growing to senior and lead developers through mastering the non-coding skills and successfully applying growth hacks. Learn how to gain leverage and influence in your role, be a better team player and achieve what you want in your career.

Enjoy talks from your peers and experts, engage in Q&A sessions on June 15, and join themed discussion rooms on June 19. It's a remote event on both days.

This year TechLead Conference is part of the C3 Dev Festival. You can participate solely in TechLead Conference remotely, or join us in Amsterdam at C3 - code, career, creativity.

The following topics will be covered:
  • Career Planning & Growth
    Career Planning & Growth
    • Specialisation vs Generalisation (full-stack)
    • Career navigation in 5-10 years period
    • Growth as an Individual Contributor
    • From IC to Lead and back
    • Effective career ladder progression
  • Self Development
    Self Development
    • Developing habits
    • Setting growth plan that works
    • Finding joy in work & work-life balance
    • Productivity and leverage at work
    • Stepping up responsibility
  • Better Processes
    Better Processes
    • Mastering collaboration in engineering teams
    • Efficient innovation
    • Self-organization tips and case studies
    • Good change (RFC) and innovation proposals
    • Mentoring and being mentored
  • Essential Dev Skills Beyond Code
    Essential Dev Skills Beyond Code
    • Managing mental health for developers
    • People Leadership
    • Tech Leadership
    • Efficient communication with peers and stakeholders
    • Better understanding of other humans at work
  • Navigating The Job Market
    Navigating The Job Market
    • Current state of the tech job market
    • Finding the right place for individual needs
    • Advice from HR and Hiring Managers from top companies
    • Efficient interviewing (both ways)
    • Changes in developer role in companies
    • Freelancing vs employment

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Industry experts

Learn from successful engineers, career hackers and big tech representatives

Discussion rooms

Join live discussion rooms on trending topics about career & growth challenges

Rachel Nabors

Charity Majors

Naz Delam

Anna J McDougall

Bassem Dghaidi

Swizec Teller

Lirone Glikman

 Lindsey Simon

Tara Z. Manicsic

Anton Kazakov

Krasimir Tsonev

Richard Donovan

Meet your peers

Socialize in our dedicated Discord channel with speakers and other engineers seeking solutions for career advancement

First Speakers

Rachel Nabors
DevX consultant, USA
Talk: Managing Ourselves Managing Each Other
ex-React core and React Docs author
Charity Majors
honeycomb.io, USA
Talk: People Leadership: TBA

Charity is the co-founder and CTO of honeycomb.io, the O.G. observability platform. She is the co-author of Observability Engineering and Database Reliability Engineering (O'Reilly), and has worked at companies like Parse, Facebook and Linden Lab. She loves free speech, free software and single malt scotch, and writes about startups, technology and leadership at charity.wtf and twitter.com/mipsytipsy.

Naz Delam
LinkedIn, USA
Talk: Career Planning & Growth: TBA

Naz is a software engineering manager at LinkedIn and Technology Career Coach. She is passionate about UI Engineering, Career Development, and growth skills. Before LinkedIn, she worked at Netflix, leading Animation teams and in the Finance industry as a Software Architect. Naz is dedicated to advancing and growing the careers of many engineers across the world 🌎 . She is an active Career Coach on MentorCruise. She also volunteers with Hour of Code, teaching high school girls how to code, and serves as a member of MentorCruise and BuiltByGirls to coach engineers. You’ll likely find her exploring the world 🌱, playing games, or curled up with a good book and coffee when she's not working. 📚☕

Anna J McDougall
Director of Engineering, Germany
Talk: How to Turn Engineering Work into a Promotion
Opera singer turned Director of Product, author "You Belong in Tech: How to Go from Zero Programming Knowledge to Hired"
Bassem Dghaidi
GitHub, Netherlands
Talk: Adapting to the Future of Work in Tech

Bassem Dghaidi enjoys solving hard problems in internet scale distributed systems and takes pride in abolishing organisational inefficiencies and adopting a cross-disciplined approach to problem solving. Bassem is a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub, where he is currently focused on building the next generation of GitHub Actions. With a career spanning over 15 years, Bassem worked across various industries, including TechEd, car manufacturing, FinTech, transportation and logistics. In a previous role, Bassem worked closely with some of the largest corporate customers and Fortune 500 companies as a trusted advisor. He helped these enterprises optimise their software development lifecycle and adopt DevOps best practices. Apart from his work at GitHub, Bassem is passionate about empowering the next generation of technologists. He was a founding member of SE Factory, a technical career accelerator that has become Lebanon’s leading training program for aspiring software engineers. Bassem is also an active podcaster and content creator sharing his technical and career-related insights on major social media platforms.

Swizec Teller
Tia, USA
Talk: Scaling Fast – Engineering Lessons From ~15 Years of Tech Startups
Software engineer @ Tia
Lirone Glikman
The Human Factor by LG, France
Talk: The Art of Influence: Empowering Developers' Team Collaboration

Lirone Glikman is an International Keynote Speaker, thought leader specializing in Networking and Personal Branding, and a Global Business Development Consultant for tech companies. She has been working with developers for over a decade and very passionate about helping others succeed through her methodologies.

Lindsey Simon
Vercel, USA
Talk: Conducting Interviews and Interviewing in the Age of AI Tools

Lindsey Simon is the VP of Engineering at Vercel. Making the Web faster has been his lifelong career ambition. Prior to Vercel, Lindsey spent seven years at Google, where he helped launch App Engine as an original core team member, and worked as a tech lead on the Google Translate and Web Performance teams. Lindsey has lived in San Francisco for the past 15 years, and his creative hobbies (beyond coding) include writing music and hunting for wild mushrooms.

Tara Z. Manicsic
Netlify, USA

Tara Z. Manicsic has spent her career using JavaScript on both back-end and front-end to try to help make coding the web a happy place for devs. She is currently working to bring Angular into the Jamstack at Netlify as a Developer Experience Engineer. As an international technical speaker and workshop leader, she conveys all she has learned while delivering horrible jokes. Tara is a lifelong student, teacher, and maker (crafts, IoT projects, tiny humans, and more). She lives in a house down by the river and hopes to meet you soon!

Anton Kazakov
Canonical, Germany
Talk: Tiny Things That Throw You Into Chaos: Engineering Leader’s Way Out of Daily Havoc

Anton is an Engineering Director at Canonical (the publisher of Ubuntu). He's built and scaled teams, shaped tech organisations in the SaaS and B2C worlds. He has a passion for systemic approaches and helping people thrive and grow. He mentors other tech leaders helping their leadership journey go more quickly and smoothly. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, mountain skiing, and family time.

Krasimir Tsonev
Antidote.me, Bulgaria
Talk: The Art of Interviewing People or How to Identify Senior Talent

Krasimir Tsonev is a coder with over 15 years of experience in web development. Author of books on JavaScript he works at Antidote.me where he helps people reaching clinical trials. Loves React and its ecosystem.

Richard Donovan
RD Coached, UK
Talk: Mindset: You vs Your AI

Mindset and Wellbeing Coach to the Software Engineering Industry Richard is self-taught and has over 24 years experience working as a Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Engineering Manager and Software Architect. Feeling the need to contribute more than just lines of code to the software engineering industry, Richard trained to become a mindset coach and personal trainer to help software engineers protect their wellbeing and mental health, which is vital for success in our industry.

Vanessa Raath
The Talent Hunter, South Africa

Vanessa is globally renowned for her contributions to the international Sourcing Community. She has delivered keynotes across three continents and trained teams from Auckland to Seattle. Vanessa launched her Talent Sourcing Training business in early 2019 and has not looked back. She is a qualified teacher with experience in agency recruiting and internal talent acquisition (she loved both roles!). She now gets to combine her love of empowering others to do better, with her passion for recruiting through her own Online Academy. She loves it when her training delegates experience that ‘light bulb’ moment as she knows that she has just changed someone’s career, for the better. When Vanessa is not doing research for her training, recording content, or delivering a Keynote, you can find her at the Beach or in the South African Bushveld, taking photographs.

Adrian Hajdin
JS Mastery, Croatia
Talk: Content Creation for Developers
JavaScript Mastery YouTube Channel Author.
Rita Castro
Volkswagen Digital Solutions | SDC Lisbon, Portugal
Talk: The Entanglement of Concerns between People and Software Development

Software Engineer that used to build stand alone applications for data processing and mission planning systems turned into a Full-Stack Developer working with Test Driven Development, XP and Pair Programming. Also a Mom now.

Lena Reinhard
Executive & Leadership Coach, Germany
Talk: Doing the Right Thing, Better: Leading With Efficiency in Mind

Lena Reinhard (Website, LinkedIn) is an engineering leadership coach, mentor, and organizational developer supporting technology leaders in growing themselves and succeeding in the complexity of engineering organizations. Previously, Lena served as VP Engineering with CircleCI and Travis CI, and a SaaS startup co-founder & CEO, and has dedicated her career to helping leaders and their organizations excel in times of high change and challenging markets. She has worked with a broad variety of companies at all stages, from startups pre-founding and bootstrapped, scale-ups, to late-stage/pre-IPO and VC-funded ventures, to corporations and NGOs. Find her writing on leadership and more about her work at lenareinhard.com.

Paolo Insogna
Nearform, Italy
Talk: Love Your Maintainers
Node.js Core Member, Staff Developer Experience Engineer
James Haworth Wheatman
Theodo UK, UK
Talk: Not Your Everyday Tech Lead: What Does It Mean To Be TL in a Lean Software Company?

James is a Tech Lead on full-stack web and mobile applications at Theodo UK, a Lean Software Consultancy in London. As a consultant, he has built and deployed apps to production and led teams within many sectors, from green tech, to insurance, to finance, working within start-up teams building a business from the ground up or within multinational organisations. James is currently thinking about Tech Quality, Training, and Leadership within the Software Engineering world and plays the keyboard in a work band.

Braydon Coyer
LogicGate, USA
Talk: The Power of a Second Brain in a Developer's Workflow

Braydon Coyer is a Senior Frontend Engineer at LogicGate where he helps build a GRC automated platform. He is a creative developer, a blogger and a designer. His mission is to translate user-focussed designs into pixel-perfect websites or applications that run blazing fast. He lives in Texas with his wife and two daughters.

Michał Michalczuk
Tektit Consulting, Poland
Talk: From Senior Developer to Manager and Back: The Journey of Returning to Coding

Senior Software Engineer and consultant in Tektit Consulting. IT trainer at Infoshare Academy. Previously worked on Jira Cloud and Atlassian Forge. He talks and records stuff on Front-end and WebDevelopment related stuff.

Mateus Paulino
QuintoAndar, Brazil
Talk: From Chaos to Clarity: Leveraging RFCs in High-Performance Environments

Tech Lead and Senior Software Engineer with 12+ years' experience, believes that collaboration changes every game. Holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

Johnny Fekete
Bonboarding, Spain
Talk: Rebooting Joy: Harnessing Playfulness and Hobbies to Redefine Work in the Tech World
founder – Bonboarding

Program Committee

Stefania Ioana Chiorean
CodeSandbox, Germany

Ioana is an engineer manager flavored in communities, and devrel, that has more than 12 years of experience in tech with a specialization in mobile apps and web. Besides her job at CodeSandbox, she dedicates her time to building tech communities and improving the access to education. She is the Module Owner for Mozilla Reps, one of the alumni of MozTechSpeakers, and stands as an ambassador for CodeWeek at the European Commission. In her free time, she contributes to Open Source and different volunteering programs, while enjoying a coffee or a good wine.

Mo Khazali
Theodo UK, UK

Mo is the Head of Mobile and a Tech Lead at Theodo UK, having worked on several projects with startups and established enterprises to create cross-platform mobile application in React Native. He's passionate about React Native, MobileDevOps, and pushing the boundaries of combining code across web and mobile.

Bruno Paulino
N26, Austria

Bruno is a passionate Software Engineer who loves crafting solutions that can help ease our lives and make it more fun. He is mainly interested in Web development, currently working with TypeScript, Elixir and React.

Kevin Ball
Mento, USA

Kevin Ball is VP of engineering at Mento, focused on helping modern workers grow in their careers via a unique combination of coaching and mentorship. He is also a trained coach who works with engineers and engineering managers, a panelist on the JSParty podcast, and publishes Human Skills, a series of weekly interviews of tech industry leaders on all of the non-technical skills that go into success in the tech industry.

Kevin is an experienced engineer, manager, and entrepreneur who has co-founded and acted as CTO for 2 companies, founded the San Diego Javascript Meetup, and has written articles for publications including Smashing Magazine, web designer magazine, Net magazine, and LeadDev. He has spoken around the world including conferences like All Things Open, Web Unleashed, NodeConf Colombia, and React Amsterdam.

Shashi Lo
Microsoft, USA

Senior UX Engineer @Microsoft | Ex: @adobe | Husband, Father of 4 | Helping Devs break into tech

Iker Jusue
Fractional / Interim Talent & People Leader, UK / Spain

Iker Jusue is a freelance advisor, consultant, and people leader in the UK and Spain. He has more than 10 years of professional experience leading talent acquisition and human resources teams and projects across Europe and North America, specializing in sourcing, operations, talent insights, diversity, employer branding, and HR technology. He has worked with companies such as Microsoft, McKinsey, IQVIA, Oracle, or ThoughtWorks, or start-ups as Alan, Casumo, and Silicon Gears (TTTech Auto). He is also the first non-native English speaker to win the SourceCon Grandmaster title in 20191, as well as the first Sourcing Summit Europe Hackathon winner in 20172. He helps business and HR leaders to enhance their teams and strategies with his expertise and guidance in people and talent acquisition. He is passionate about finding innovative solutions for the challenges of the modern workforce.

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